4-5. November 20:00 Trafó Contemporary Arts House

It all depends on our point of view, on how we look at the world. Everything can be wonderful,
amazing and gorgeous. Maybe it only depends on how we frame things. Sometimes we should be
taken by the illusion that everything is all right, because the world is beautiful, everything is shining
around us and we live in the best place on the Earth, where anything can happen.
Wonderland is here, we live in it and it lives in us!

However behind all these colours and shapes, doubts are hiding. The question is how real is the
gleam, how the decay and the chaos grown on us. Can we act for each other or can the number of likes save us from the catastrophes that mankind is causing?
It is certain that all of this is essential part of that gruesomely wonderful world in which we are living
right now.

’I contrive totally absurd our present world with loads of extremity, awfullness, hunger and climate crisis on one side, and there are immense luxury, irresponsibility, waste and last but not least exploitation and manipulation of each other on the other side. For me that is terribly hard to treat these themes, but I am trying to found these feelings into humour and compose them with huge sarcasm in a wilder way, thus it doesn’t weights on my mind.’ – Eva Duda

The performance made for the company’s 10 years anniversary is prepared to be a harsh finale
for delight and entertainment. Rainbow, Paradise, Sugarsex.

Performers: Gabriella Bacsó, Márton Csuzi, Júlia Gaál, Gábor Ivanov, Levente Lukács, Benjámin Taba, Réka Rácz, Orsolya Vitárius
Musical editor: Vilmos Vajdai
Costume: Julcsi Kiss
Light: Ferenc Payer
Animation: Péter Fancsikai
Production assistant: Bea Csák, Lili Kárpáti
Production manager: Barbara Czveiber
Director-Choreographer: Éva Duda

Anniversary programmes on 5th November:

18:00 Step 10 forward: Open movement action with Orsi Kámán, drama pedagogue and dancers from the company
19:00 10 Seasons: Discussion session with Éva Duda led by Artúr Kálid actor
20:00 Performance: Wonderland
21:00 Movie: 3650 day, documentary film on the backstage life of the group
22:00 Decade Party in the Club: Péter Kunert and Milán Újvári play the records, and closing party with Csuzi Márton and Ákos Petróczki

The performance is supported by Pesti Est.