Are we able to change our lives? Do we understand our responsibility in the development of our community, our environment? Are we willing to take the time and the energy to live in a healthier world? What does tolerance mean to us? Do we know our roots? Are there any aspiration in us to accept others? Do we understand our differences and recognize the similarity between each other?

It is clear that we all live in smaller or larger communities, either in isolation or in a metropolis. Our world is changing from year to year with enormous steps and we need to adapt. Technological achievements and digital evolution are as unstoppable as global warming, accumulation of garbage on the planet, in the oceans and even in space. Migration is a global phenomenon that faces enormous amounts of health, social, political and individual problems day by day.

How great would be to get rid of it all and to meet in an idyllic, utopian world where everyone can create their own gods, lovers, and connections. But what if we try to change here and now in our own way, our attitude and our habits?

For the essential, real, human things, we are all the same in all parts of the world: we love, we are bound, we are angry, fear, discover, rejoice, or disappoint, believe and deny, learn, travel, work; it’s so good to laugh and relax, we love to belong somewhere or just be good to ourselves. But the chaos is enormous. Why is it so difficult to be together, to be with each other, to live together?

Artists / performers: Márton Csuzi (Viktor Fülöp scholarship), Júlia Gaál, Áron Darabont, Gábor Ivanov, Artúr Kálid, Katalin Lőrinc, Réka Rácz, Krisztina Sessi, Benjámin Taba, Laura Tóth, Orsolya Vitárius, Zenó Ádám Weinemer
Music: Péter Kunert
Music producer: Jeromos Kovács
Costume: Julcsi Kiss
Lighting designer: Péter Gerzson Kovács
Consultant: Anna Veress
Production Assistant: Bea Csák
Production Manager: Barbara Czveiber
Concept and direction: Eva Duda