New-wave circus at a magical place, Gyula Castle Theatre, ’Tószínpad’

Where does the story begin? Our heroes are on the road to start a real tour in our little country. The first stop is Gyula, and soon they arrive to the small lake next to the historic castle, with the stage on the middle. Here they show the true Hungarian virtue We had the possibility to watch the rehersal of a circus company behind the scenes. The members often fell in love with each other or develop friendships; siblings can play between two fights and coquettish girls flirt with fussy boys while in the same room with the small boss and the big boss. The biggest patriots can also be found amongst them. That is only us, viewers, the difference is all that events can occur both on the ground and in the air, in fact, we can witness the first international crawling world competition. Haven’t you seen such a race? Well, then this is the must-see opportunity! VIRTUS is a humorous and light-hearted performance featuring all nationals: dresses, scenery, music and play. Real Eastern-European feeling from the Hungarian spirit: thrilling emotions, heroic rhythm, gloomy bitterness, glorious motto, all with virtuoso dancing and playful initiations for all ages.
Close to the historical castle, there is an unforgettable summer fun for everyone who visits the Gyula Castle Theater on July 19, with lots of fun, grotesque mirrors, acrobats, live music, firefighters and lots of dancing!