RetourAuNoir [Premier] @ MU Theatre

Lionel Hoche – Eva Duda Dance Company: RetourAuNoir

Okt 21-22. 2011. 20:00, @ MU Theatre
17. Kőrösy József Street, Budapest, H-1117.
Tel.: +36 1 209 4014, +36 1 209 4015
E-mail:, Website:, MAP

“Using the ingredients of the fantastic genre, Retouraunoir is welcoming you into a world of illusions. On the verge of a peculiar nightmare it is a very strange “dream like” adventure you are invited to: A trip and a half, an absurd whereabout area, where different times and spaces collide and weave together an enigmatic and mysterious non-story. A tale of the unknown, where HE and SHE seem to haunt each other, themselves haunted by other shadows, and symmetrically, and for ever.” Lionel Hoche

Follow the link to read more about RetourAuNoir.

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