Based on Imre Sarkadi’s drama entitled Simeon Stylites
Physical Theatre

All of us keep searching for our path upwards – a path that leads us out of human weakness and imperfection towards the Divine, some kind of integrity, meaning and our higher self. But we must act to find this higher meaning. Some do meditation, others go to church, still others try to find truth in rules and principles. We all step up on a pillar, believing what we do will help us go in the good direction – after all, that is why we do it. But still, we have our doubts. Simeon takes us to the bottom of these doubts, looking for answers and letting all of us turn into Simeons for a little while.

Simeon is the company’s first piece based on a contemporary writer’s work, where the text becomes an organic part of the performance. It is based on Imre Sarkadi’s drama entitled Simeon Stylites, for the first time interpreted in the language of physical theatre, with text and dance creating a unique blend.

Where does the truth lie? Where is Sarkadi’s truth? Where is Simeon’s? And where is the human truth? Is God’s truth absolute or is it not?
The truth lies here. Sarkadi’s, Simeon’s and the human truth are all here. God’s truth is absolute. At least we believe so.

Performing artists: Tamás Rétfalvi (invited artist), Beáta Egyed, Beatrix Csák, Jenna Jalonen, Andor Rusu, László Takács
Translated by Géza Kállay
Composer: Adrian Newgent
Lights: Ferenc Payer
Production assistant: Barbara Czveiber
Art director: Éva Duda
Director and choreographer: Márton Csuzi

Hofra Kft. acted on behalf of Imre Sarkadi’s heirs in granting related rights.
Sarkadi Imre örököseinek az engedélyét a Hofra Kft. közvetítette.