Physicality, pandering, rivalry, desire

As a result of winning the Rudolf Laban Award for the greatly successful piece entitled Lunatica, this reward of Trafó House of Contemporary Arts resulted and made it possible to create the new, male focused piece: Rumble.

Coincidence of wild visceral reactions, explosive emotions and accurate intellect. Creative contest of unconscious instinct, civilized human behaviour and the playful homo ludens. Motifs, symbols and images of movement-textures made of natural human gestures combined with mind-controlled actions or unbridled infantile situations. Twister dynamism, personal stories, sensuality, partnering, taking risk, humour. Informal and intimate dialogue with the audience.

Creators, performers:
Gábor Bora, Bence Mezei, Márton Csuzi, Zoltán Grecsó, Dávid Mikó, Anna Gulyás, Zsuzsa Jónás, Beatrix Simkó

Vocal: Kata Pető & MC Zeek
Composer and sound editor: Péter Kunert
Lighting design: Gerzson Péter Kovács
Choreography assistant: Anna Gulyás
Production assistant: Barbara Czveiber
Costume: Masa Richárd, Opra Szabó Zsófia

Set, Choreography: Éva Duda

Supporters: NKA, Ministry of National Resources, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts MU Theatre, Művész Cinema

Premier: 13. 05. 2011, TRAFO, Budapest


Starting from 8:06 interview with Éva Duda
It is closest to art of painting (HUN)
A very masculine piece (HUN)
Nude dance (HUN)


RUMBLE teaser

RUMBLE trailer

RUMBLE long trailer

Rumble Poster © photo: Dániel Dömölky

Photo: Dániel Dömölky (typo: TRAFO)