The pilgrim balances on the thin borderline between sleep and wakefulness.
Where the moon prevails, awareness fades into dim, coma-like dullness.
But the moment of awakening brings change, consciousness and redefinition.

The relationships, heated entanglements, struggles summarized in strings of movements developing between man and woman may not be limited to the fight between sexes or opposition. Their meaning may become much wider, more open: it can also be interpreted as the conflict between activity and passivity, domination and surrendering, initiation and refusal, essential power and mechanic operation, exposure and closure, awakening and sleepness.

(…) In his study entitled Postdramatic Body Images, Hans-Thies Lehmann writes that the power-body (meaning body as a medium that conveys power and energy) is the only thing that “becomes the final seemingly ’certain’ truth” in the new (postdramatic) theatre, and especially in dance. He also cites examples and mentions Einer Schleef, Wim Vandekeybus and the physical toughness of La La La Human Steps, in the light of what Éva Duda’s choreography appears so unusually suggestive and authentic, since it liberates and activates this primary human essence and raw force through the dancers’ personal motivations.”
Critical review by Csaba Králl

Authors, performers: Gábor Bora, Zoltan Grecsó, Bea Egyed, Eszter Lázár, Dávid Mikó, Beatrix Simkó, Márton Csuzi
Assistant choreographer: Zoltán Grecsó
Light design: Gerzson Péter Kovács
Costume and set design: Éva Duda
Production assistant: Petra Máriás
Video: Márton Gothár
Music: Péter Kunert

Choreographer: Éva Duda

Supporters: Ministry of National Resources, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, MU Theatre, Workshop Foundation, Central Europe Dance Theatre, SÍN Cultural Center, Táncé, Orkesztika Foundation-Art of Movement Studio, Cultural Comission of Capital, FÜGE

Premier: 11. 13. 2009, MU Theater, Budapest

Tours abroad:
Fronta Festival – Slovenia, Murska Sobota
Zagreb Dance Centre – Croatia, Zagreb
Figura Studio Theater – Romania, Gheorgheni
Mosaic (Lunatika, Overdose, Faun) – Institute Hongrois Paris – France, Paris

Rudolf Laban Prize – by Trafo House and  the annual jury of the critics for Lunatika; Best Choreographer of the Year Award – by the Hungarian Dancer’s Association


Studio photos: Tamás Lékó
Photos: Daniel Dömölky

LUNATIKA teaser 2011