Every day of our lives we are trying to overcome one obstacle after another, be they internal or external ones. Nearly every day of our lives is influenced by our habits, our addictions, our passions, which determine our decision-making and the way our relationships develop. The special visual elements and tools of the show, which evoke the atmosphere of Japanese art, build a bridge between the characters sometimes, but at other times they hinder their movement and their freedom, while every once in a while they make the impression of threatening weapons. The geometrical shapes, as well as the regular contrasts between the set and the costumes symbolise these barriers, but they also serve a unique and expressive visual universe.

Excerpt from a review:

“The pressure is collective, the distortion is individual: some are lifted by the bars, others are suppressed by them, they cut out the road for some, limiting their freedom. The film-like quality, the disciplined shifts between the different images and scene changes, along with the floating, technocratic-animal music by Péter Kunert create the illusion of a depressing and monochrome, yet exciting world, where the group dynamic seems more alive than the characters on their own. When the swing stops, we have the time and the opportunity to think about our own limits within the framework provided by the choreographer, but still freely.”

Júlia Gaál, Réka Rácz, Laura Tóth, Orsi Vitárius, Áron Darabont, Márton Csuzi, Milán Újvári, Krisztián Kelemen

Composer and Musical Editor: Péter Kunert
Light design: Gerzson Péter Kovács
Set design: Éva Duda
Costume: Richárd Masa, Zsófia Opra Szabó
Production Assistant: Barbara Czveiber

Choreographer: Éva Duda

Premier: 12. 10. 2010, MU Theater, Budapest


Work in progress photos