FLASHBACK – Pictures at an Exhibition

This is a retrospection intertwined with our present. The performance is based on Mussorgsky’ s Pictures of an Exchibition, who’s work represent a special atmosphere from another period of time. The past gets rephrased through today’s senses, while we plunge into the river of time looking for our roots and arriving into the present. We explore the space between past and present making intellectual, aesthetic and emotional connections, going back and forth between distinct worlds, extraordinary sounds and the images of modern life. Flashback is a series of studies without history that illuminates the indelible memories that burned into us. It is about blending images and expressing moments that adapt music to our body – with the purpose of understanding ourselves and enjoying music.

Performers: Beáta Egyed, Rita Góbi, Beatrix Simkó, Szonja Stetina, Márton Csuzi, Gábor Bora, Andor Rusu, László Takács
Music: Mussorgsky and Péter Kunert
Piano player: Dániel Dinyés
Costume: Fruzsina Rembeczki
Lights: Ferenc Payer
Production assistant: Barbara Czveiber
Stage design and choreography: Eva Duda

This show is the joint production of the National Dance Theatre and the Eva Duda Dance Company