After. Ever After. Happily Ever After!

Suddenly, something happened. A fracture.
A family story with a man, woman and children.
Their odd history, many life situations
composed in tragicomic scenes of dream-like images.
Survivors or re-starters? Or are they just fragments of
the man’s memory? Strange company.

AFTER explores the power of family bonds, the aspects of being an individual and existing in interdependence, the positive and negative effects of family ties.
As a pillar of society, a symbol of ’normality’, the very concept of family has lost much of its social value and legitimacy. This is due to many reasons: individual rights forcing themselves into the foreground, the media promoting selfishness, changing scenes on the labor market etc. We could go on listing reasons but the bottom line seems quite obvious: there is a growing gap between couples’ relationships and family interests.

The recent changes to family as an institution may eventually lead to the disappearance of its presently known form.

As Hegel says, ’In civil society each member is his own end.’

Creative artists, performers: Beatrix Csák, Márton Csuzi, Milán Újvári, Jenna Jalonen
Music: Péter Kunert
Lighting design: Ferenc Payer
Set design: Gergely Mindák
Production assistant: Barbara Czveiber
Costume, choreography: Eva Duda

Supporters: Ministry of National Resources, MU Theatre, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Táncé, SÍN Cultural Centre, FÜGE

Premiere: 13 May 2012, MU Theatre


Performance photos

AFTER teaser

AFTER trailer

Photo, poster, Video: Dömölky Dániel