’Initiation’ Program’s Season Ticket
In collaboration with the Open Courses Foundation the Éva Duda Dance Company has created a season ticket for secondary schools that includes three shows. After watching the performances, students will discuss the emerged topics in sessions before and after the shows with theatre pedagogue Eszter Gyevi Bíró’s help. The several step program offers students a chance to develop deeper insight and apply their former experience, what makes them much more open.


Beyond its own courses, the company organizes open workshops regularly, where Hungarian and international choreographers and instructors offer training to company members and other professional dancers. For us it is important to stay open to novelty and keep learning about current trends and other dance-related genres.

Artists’ creative projects

One of our latest initiatives involves introducing the short independent pieces of the performing artists closely associated with the company in the form of a theatrical performance. This event entitled DARADAR! offers us a chance to show our experimental works, while, at the same time, encourages our young artists to use space in an unconventional manner. The dancers perform their independent space-oriented pieces created in a laboratory dance project.

International Dance Day Marathon

Our company is one of the main organizers of the International Dance Day Marathon, a 24 hour long event held on August 29 each year in downtown Budapest. Exhibiting various dance domains in a mini festival-like atmosphere, the event grants viewers access to all scheduled programs upon paying a symbolic entrance fee. Reputed figures of the Hungarian dance scene perform short extracts (in 2012, this meant over 30 performers), while dance classes, folkdance shows, alternative performances, acrobat shows and concerts as well as international guests also enrich the program of the event.

Action dance shows, performances, events

Besides creating longer choreographies, the team also conducts experiments with action-like thematic improvisations. Some of these performances occur in a theatre space in collaboration with other companies (like Central Europe Dance Theatre) while others are space-specific improvisations in clubs, open air venues, baths and museums, where whatever happens falls outside the traditional position of the stage and the audience.