NEUROPEAN – Premiere

The invitation of renowned international artists is an important part of the Eva Duda Dance Company’s long-term construction and provide the opportunity for emerging artists to create, which not only brings a new intensity to the life of the ensemble, but also to the circulation of Hungarian dance scene.
This time a Belgian-Vietnamese dance artist, Quan Bui Ngoc and a young Hungarian dancer, Csaba Varga was invited to create two dance piece for a double bill night. Both of them are the first to introduce themselves in Budapest as a choreographer. Quan has been member of ’Les Ballets C de la B’ for ten years but works with Peeping Tom as well, his international workshops are very popular, he has countless courses around the world, he has been in Hungary several times. Csaba Varga’s name sounds familiar both in Hungarian and European dance field, he performed with Hodworks, The Symptoms, he worked with Máté Mészáros and László Fülöp. Besides he worked abroad with dance makers such as Eléonore Valére-Lachky, Anton Lachky, Kubilai Khan Investigations, Hiroaki Umeda, Company Linga.

Choreographer: Quan Bui Ngoc
Music editor: Jeromos Kovács

Choreographer: Csaba Varga
Music: Adrian Newgent

Performers: Bea Egyed, Jessica Simet, Márton Csuzi, Patrik Keresztes, Andor Rusu

Light designer: Payer Ferenc
Costume designer: Kiss Julcsi
Choreographer assistant: Csák Bea
International relations: Janka Vámos
Project manager: Barbara Czveiber
Artistic director: Éva Duda

Special thanks: Rózsa Szabó