based on William Shakespeare’s play King Lear,
the Éva Duda Dance Company and Átrium Film & Theatre present

physical theatre
inspired by legendary interpretations

12. May 2015 I 19:00 I Átrium Film-Theatre


The Éva Duda Dance Company celebrates its fifth anniversary in the theatre season of 2014/2015. Lear, a special theatrical performance is the highlight of this jubilee.

Experimenting with style and using a unique language, the show is based on movement and physical theatre while it also applies recordings of legendary King Lear interpretations. This is more than a simple dance piece, a radio play, a film, it is a link that connects past and present and makes the story timeless. It centres on the evergreen subject of power games: lies, deception, corruption, betrayal, vulnerability and madness.

How can we stand each other? How should the young and the old handle one other?
Where do reason, politics and vigilance end and blindness and madness begin? Does the difference between a king and a beggar matter or are they no more than fallible humans? Beggars, blinds and fools wonder around in a storm evoking the Last Judgement, and man – even if once a king – is extremely small, vulnerable and ‘naked’ in the face of human monstrosity, facing the elements, his own destiny and our collective fate that lie in destruction. How can we bear this without going insane?

Performers: Éva Duda, Gábor Bora, Márton Csuzi, Zsuzsa Gyöngy, Rita Góbi, Balázs Jerger, Andor Rusu, Szonja Stetina, László Takács, Kristóf Várnagy

Set designer: Lőrinc Boros
Assistant to set designer: Péter Klimó
Costume designer: Júlia Horányi
Assistant to costume designer: Zsófia Török
Lighting designer: Zoltán Vida
Composer: Attila Gergely
Film-editor: Massih Parsaei
Production manager: Barbara Czveiber
Choreographer: Márton Csuzi
Director: Artur Szőcs

Supporters: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Ministry of Human Resources, Municipality of Újbuda (11th District of Budapest), Átrium Film & Theatre, Budapest Spring Festival 2015, Polgár Foundation, Independently Together (FÜGE), Movein Studio