Coproduction with the Hungarian Dance Academy

The Hungarian Dance Academy and Eva Duda Dance Company joint performance called ‘DOBBANTÓ’ will be held at Trafo House of Contemporary Arts

1. june 20:30
Trafó Contemporary Arts House

There is a point where you need to step down. The school can not lock you in anymore. Sometimes it controls, it shows potential but it has to come to the point where it’s no longer needed. At that point you have to open the parachute at the right moment. The school is still a frame, but we’re halfway outside. And “out there” we find mates, colleagues working on similar goals like us.
This is how this “kick-off” performance was created by combining the Hungarian Dance Academy and Movein Mission, by Katalin Lőrinc and Éva Duda.

Éva Duda, as well as: the MTE graduate modern-dance specalization students and those who participated in their projects during the season.

Dancers of the Eva Duda Dance Company:
Márton Csuzi, Júlia Gaál, Patrik Keresztes, Judit Takács, Andor Rusu, Beatrix Csák
assistant: Beatrix Csák

Gabriella Bacsó
Zsombor Erdélyi
Gergő Golubkovics
Luca Hoffmann
Attila Horváth
Rebeka Kiss
Eszter Kovács
Emma Lőrincz
Levente Lukács
Réka Rácz
Virág Rovó
Míra Stupek
Anna Szilvási
Benjámin Taba

Evening editor: Katalin Lőrinc