Season plan

At Eva Duda Dance Company the main priority is to continue perform the repertoire in the first half of the season. The initiatory of students has renewed and the new premiere is also in the making behind the scenes with international threads.
In October, DrámaRodeo will continue the theatrical educational program of the dance company in an old and new form. The participating students also have two shows, the „Gyáva” of the „Nézőművészeti Kft.”, by Péter Scherer and the Duda Éva Dance Company’s Breathe! and also a movie is created jointly with the writers of Slam Poetry, Kristóf Horváth Színész Bob, István Pion and Bence Bárány. The novelty is that all this can be live through in one day for students, on October 26 and November 8 in Mu Theater, both days are sold-out.
Mesh and Breathe! performances are now moving to Mu Theater, this time we can think in a more intimate space about freedom, about our own borders, of interconnection and of reliance on each other.
The success of Frida’s co-production with the Budapest Operett Theater continues to be unbroken, all the performances have been sold-out since the March show, but who would like to see it is still in time because they started to sell tickets in the last few days for the November and December performances.
The company is preparing for its new show, produced by the Vietnamese-Belgian Quan Bui Ngoc and the young Csaba Varga, whose first major project is this and also his debut to the Hungarian audience. The Neuropean performance will be released early December.

October 26 DrámaRodeó – Mu Theater (theater education program)
October 27. 20:00 MESH/BREATHE! – Mu Theater
November 8. DrámaRodeó – Mu Theater (theater education program)
November 16. 19:30 FRIDA – Átrium
November 17. 18:00 FRIDA – Átrium
December 11. 19:30 FRIDA – Átrium
December 12. 19:30 FRIDA – Átrium