Eva Duda Dance Company – 10 years anniversary: MIRROR Premiere

One of the biggest highlight of our jubilee season will be presenting MIRROR at the Budapest Dance Festival 2020 on March 9th, a production summarizing the past decade of the Company, celebrating our 10th anniversary with parts of previous shows and two new short pieces at the National Dance Theatre.

The work of our Company is characterized by diversity of genres, styles and trends; but what is common in all, is the dynamic of pure movements, energetic, precise forms, as well as sensitive reflections on current artistic and social themes.

We present progressive contemporary dance performances, works with combination of acrobatic, new circus and folk dance elements, furthermore grand multidisciplinary theatre projects with live music and dance.
In the last years, besides Eva Duda’s choreographic works, several local and international guest artists worked on creations with us, widening our unique repertoire.

The retrospective performance MIRROR, will be summing up the past, rich years with excerpts from past productions, with special emphasis on a new, short choreography by Eva Duda and a new creation by the well known Polish guest choreographer: Maciej Kuźmiński.

Photo: Dániel Dömölky