2017. október 26. 10:00-18:00
Mu Színház

With Theater Education Season Ticket founded by Eva Duda Dance Company, now it is possible to live the whole experience in one day! Get to know the world of theater, dance and slam poetry, meet, think, enjoy, experiment and try out!
In October, DrámaRodeo will continue the theatrical educational program of the dance company in an old and new form. The participating students also have two shows, the „Gyáva” of the „Nézőművészeti Kft.”, by Péter Scherer and the Duda Éva Dance Company’s Breathe! and also a movie is created jointly with the writers of Slam Poetry, Kristóf Horváth Színész Bob, István Pion and Bence Bárány. The novelty is that all this can be live through in one day for students, on October 26 and November 8 in Mu Theater, both days are sold-out.

More information about performance:
Nézőművészeti Kft: A GYÁVA
VI. Children’s and Youth Theater Review’s Main Prize – 2011
ASSITEJ Children’s and Youth Theater Biennale’s Best Youth Performance „Üveghegy”-Prize – 2012
A young boy tells about his thoughts, feelings, his controversial relationship with his family, about how he started to taking drugs, and how much he struggled to quit. And here is a father who watches, hears, and feels that. Embarrassingly personal dialogues and internal monologues, humorous and bitter situations, wedged between the unusual moments of life. Where can the intentions slide? Why do we choose the “easier” way if we feel that our life has come to a dead end?

Actors: Krisztián Kovács, Péter Scherer
Creators: Krisztián Kovács, Péter Scherer, Eszter Gyulay, Judit Surányi
Director: Péter Scherer

Duda Éva Társulat: BREATHE!
Mai figurák a térben, nincsenek szerepek, bárkik lehetnek. A szabadság iránti vágy hajtja őket, a fékek kioldása és önmaguk felfedezése a cél, mégis belső elakadásaik nehezítik lépteiket. Személyes vallomások, útvesztők, a kapcsolódásra való törekvés, és maga a küzdelem párosul a szabadság fogalmával és érzetével.
Előadók: Varga Csaba, Egyed Bea, Rusu Andor, Újvári Milán, Jessica Simet
Zene: Nils Frahm, Gryllus Ábris, Kunert Péter
Jelmeztervező: Kiss Julcsi
Tér, Koreográfia, Rendezés: Duda Éva

Slam Poetry Budapest
The last occupation of the series of programs – unlike the other two – is not based on a particular performance, but rather on the participation of Slam Poetry’s domestic representatives. The central pillar of the program is shared work. The task of students is to translate texts from slammer into the language of the film: write texts and make scenes based on the texts, and the main goal is to play the scenes of their own short film. Slam Poetry is very popular among young people, it plays a decisive role in popularizing poetry and contemporary Hungarian literature (many slammer are active in the literary life of Hungary), and the role of the genre in sensitizing public issues is also not negligible.

Slammers: Bence Bárány, Kristóf Horváth, István Pion