DARADAR! premier @ MU Theater

Eva Duda Dance Company: DARADAR!
Dance artists’ individual pieces
01. 26. 2011. 20:00 @ MU Theatre
17. Kőrösy József Street, Budapest, H-1117.
Tel.: +36 1 209 4014, +36 1 209 4015
E-mail: szinhaz@mu.hu, Website: mu.hu, MAP

The dance artists associated with the company present their individual works in an unusual and eventful evening labeled by surprising interpretations of space. Our goal is to increase our repertoire finding new ways – this season’s focus falls on openness and new experiments. Our new repertoire includes a series of action-performances started last year and a French choreographer’s premiere first shown this autumn, which are now followed by a promising evening devoted to the experimenting young performing artists’ individual workshop pieces.

Limit way!

Let the mind judge the world inside based on appearance,
And it is bound to make its foolish mistakes.
/quote based on Shakespeare’s Pericles/

Dance artists: Zsuzsa Jónás, Jenna Jalonen
Music: László Mádi
Set design: Miklós Kicska
Animation, video: András Juhász
Choreography: Zsuzsa Jónás (Fülöp Viktor Scholarship, Harangozó Gyula Prize)

Special thanks to Sándor Hegedűs and Katalin Fodor
Photo: Eszter Lázár


An infinite adventure in the inner universe. Far from everything. United with everything.
The two explorers are the extremes of one manifestation and endeavor.

Authors: Dávid Mikó, László Mádi (member of Central Europe Dance Theatre)

Photo: Dávid Mikó


Where am I? Where should I be? Now I disappear, yet, I am here. Now I am there, yet, you cannot see me. I am seen everywhere, but where am I present?
An attempt to synchronize live and projected appearance.

Author and performer: Beatrix Simkó
Music: Peter Kunert
Contributors: Dániel Dömölky, Márton Gothár

You can follow the perfomace live here, or following the link below. The first broadcast will start around 20:40, 26.01.2012. (UTC +01:00).

Watch live streaming video from streamgirl at livestream.com


Photo: Beatrix Simkó


”loneliness is more than the mere desire for company or another person”
What if today’s man must perform tasks originally designed for two people?
Thoughts about the relationship of endurance and independence, and of solitude and alienation emerging from these roots (?).

Performers: Anna Gulyás / Beatrix Csák
Music, contributor: Péter Zombola
Choreography: Anna Gulyás

Photo: KNI


I am bitter and aggressive. No. Delete. I am a devoted voice, Ady’s.
I am wasted land, home, you can see me in the poet’s eyes, everything and everybody here is doomed to death.
I am black linoleum, this is my landscape: black linoleum, a grieving theatre’s space. I can hide here unseen.
I am the image of great opportunities, the attribute before opportunities, the richness of the land. Well then, if you insist, I will allude to its fertility and the disappointingly bare reality.
Then I will turn into a brutalized and uncultivated world.
Can’t you see me?
I am still there: this thick and rich hair does not protect, only covers me.
Helpless victims follow me, together with the commonness and hang-over of the insight.
So this is it. There is something old and wasted here. Something silent but hardly speakable.

Concept: Lionel Hoche
Author, performer, music: Zoltán Grecsó


Further contributors to Daradar!: Beatrix Csák, Anna Gulyás, Márton Csuzi, Bence Mezei
Light design: Attila Szirtes
Production assistant: Barbara Czveiber
Art director: Éva Duda

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