Zénó Ádám Weinemer

Zénó, at his age of 2,5 started dancing under the wings of Tibor Kaprinay, ballet dancer, and when he was 13, he moved to Berlin and became a member of Dorky Parks contemporary dance company created and directed by Constanza Macras. Besides 7 years touring in Europe, Zénó studied dance in London, Berlin and Barcelona. 5 years ago he moved back to Hungary and founded Weinemer Institue of Dance, where Zénó teaches dance for students from the age of 13. His students received several gold medals and awards at championship in the country and in Europe.
Zénó joined to Eva Duda Dance Company in 2018 and appears in the performance of Utopia.
He works as masseur, technical engineer and manager at AEGON Hungary.

Works with the Company: