Márton Csuzi

I have decided quite late that I want to focus on dancing. Before I was doing sports, dreaming of Olympics and world records, all this. “Competitive” sports are silly- i got this a lot. Competitive sports are encouraging you to measure yourself to others and that is useless. So let’s try art! Let’s dance! After graduating from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy Éva Duda came to me said; ‘So I heard you don’t have a job.’ Then she gave me one. It was 7 years ago. Feels good to think about it. Momentum, action, energy! This is what i need. And I have been working a lot since then. Also got amazing opportunities; Simeon, Lear, Flying Bodies. I have learnt a lot from; After, radar evenings, Frida. I have met with circus which I am into more and more; Virtus. Workshops. Open trainings. Friends! Sometimes I work with others as well, but mainly in small projects. These are my interests nowadays: acrobatics, circus, parkour, practicing, learning, simplicity.

Works with the Company: