The Eva Duda Dance Company developed into an independent ensemble during the theatrical season of 2009 / 2010 based on the initiative of the choreographer, who earned her reputation as a freelance creative artist having choreographed various theatrical genres including spectacular musical performances and smaller progressive dance pieces.
The company made its debut with Lunatika, a piece that won the Lábán Rudolf Prize and various festival awards. The first period was about self-definition: the team found its style in contemporary dance and set creating a message on stage as its principle. The company also developed its unique dynamism of movements characterized by the use of the expressive and powerful elements of physical dance where individual moves are inspired by the dancers’ personalities. But most importantly, they claimed to approach dance not just aesthetically but as a form of theatrical language.
Then the company built up a complete repertoire that includes performances significant visually or content wise like Faun, overDose and After, while other pieces like Stop’n’Go and Virtus reflect on current issues in cultural politics. Over the past few years, the ensemble turned into one of Budapest’s key independent dance collectives and created its remarkably distinct image. Also functioning as a creative community, the company is frequently invited to national and international events and festivals. In order to further enrich its repertoire, it often collaborates with international artists who create choreographies for its dancers. It also organizes workshops and professional events regularly and stays devoted to co-productions and international collaborations. The company’s studio is located in Jurányi Art Incubator House, Budapest.

The team’s work is based on projects. Reputed dance artists and fresh talents compose the company’s core: this community offers a creative work space and mutual inspiration for both young and agile debuting performers and experienced and acknowledged dance artists with a firm professional background. Blending its dancers’ rich experience, the company is characterized by a unique, energetic and suggestive performing style and high standards of technical skills. In its works, it often explores the dynamics of individuals and communities. Performances build in contact and partnering elements, sometimes depicting situations with a pinch of irony. Its situation-centered structure and ’body language’ emerging from personal emotional states develop into a clear language of movements – sometimes in a narrative style, sometimes in an abstract manner, while at other times through a complex system of motives.

“Undoubtedly, Duda is one of the choreographers who use the richest ’vocabulary’, that is, movement repertoire in contemporary dance; sometimes her works almost burst with the flowing texture of movements, her appealing garlands sweep the performing space unflaggingly, ready to transcend it.” Márta Péter, Tá



  • Harangozó Gyula Prize, Gábor Bora
  • Best Company Performance, OUTBREAK (Festival of Dance, Veszprém)


  • Best Dancer- Jenna Jalonen, AFTER (Festival of Dance, Veszprém)


  • Best Dancer – Zsuzsa Jónás, FAUN (Festival of Dance, Veszprém)


  • “the most youthful feeling” prize, STOP N GO, (Festival of Dance, Veszprém)
  • Harangozó Gyula Prize, Zsuzsa Jónás


  • Rudolf Laban Prize – by Trafo House and  the annual jury of the critics for Lunatika
  • Best Choreographer of the Year Award – by the Hungarian Dancer’s Association
  • Choreographers Award, Lunatika (Festival of Dance, Veszprém)
  • Best Female Dancer Award – Zsuzsa Jónás
  • Best Male Dancer Award – Gábor Bora


  • Harangozó Gyula Prize, Eva Duda


  • Imre Zoltán Prize, Eva Duda


Fronta Festival – Slovenia, Murska Sobota – Lunatika
Zagreb Dance Centre – Croatia, Zagreb – Lunatika
Figura Studio Theater – Romania, Gheorgheni – Lunatika
Amman Dance Festival – Jordan, Amman – Overdose
Institute Hongrois Paris – France, Paris – Mosaic (Lunatika, Overdose, Faun)
Schrit_tmacher – Just Dance Festival – Deutschland, Aachen – overDOSE
Divadlo Štúdio Tanca – Slovakia, Banska Bystrica – After
Be Festival – Birmingham, England – Does it start with a kiss?
Internationale Tanzmesse – Düsseldorf, Deutschland – Does it start with a kiss?
Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti – Croatia – Virtus
Teo Otto Theatre – Deutschland, Remscheid -Does it start with a kiss?, Lunatika
Fest – FDR – National Timisoara Theatre – Timisoara, Romania – Mesh, Overdose
Spanski Borci – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Does it start with a kiss?, Breathe!



Director, choreographer:

Éva Duda

Artistic assistant:
Barbara Czveiber

Photography, design:
Dániel Dömölky

Kunert Péter
Edina Mókus Szirtes
Dániel Dinyés
Mc Zeek
Izsák Farkas
Attila Gergely

Zsófia Opra Szabó
Richárd Masa
Gergő Mindák
Lőrinc Boros

Light designers:
Péter Kovács Gerzson
Ferenc Payer
Zoltán Vida

Drama teacher:
Eszter Gyevi Bíró


Lionel Hoche
Máté Mészáros
Rosana Hribar and Gregor Luštek
Maria Campos and Guy Nader