A nyár kulcsszavai

For us this summer has been characterised by dichotomy, closing last season, science, workshops and sunshine, some new festivals followed by more festivals, a première and many rehearsals.

Duality, as the company jointly worked with the House of Contemporary Arts TRAFÓ, their double evening returns to Trafó again. We can see MESH and BREATHE! performances for the last time in the season in Budapest.

The company will finish the season at the Atrium Film Theater, where they will be playing FRIDA in co-production with the Budapest Operett Theater. Caution! Tickets are no longer available! Keep an eye on the autumn performaces.

“Knowledge is Power” – at this year’s BrainBar event, there will be many lectures on science and the future. The Duda Éva Dance Company will perform parts from the VIRTUS performance on June 1 at Akvárium Club, as a part of the the well-received series of programs.

One of the launching events of the summer is the Flying Bodies Workshop, which is a combination of parkour and dance and is open to everyone who wants to overcome their fears and spend a lot of time in the air. Leaders are Tony Thich and Márton Csuzi.

Then summer, sunshine could come, but this year the company won’t rest, as the rehearsals of their new autumn show are starting in June. This time, Csaba Varga, a young dancer – choreographer will make the choreography for the company. After his travels abroad, this will be Csaba’s introduction to the Hungarian audience.

The summer of this year is really about the festivals in the company’s life. First visit to the XIII. Hungarian Dance Festival in Győr where they show BREATHE! on June 20, then head to the Valley of Arts, where VIRTUS is already playing twice in a brand new venue on the Cirque du Tókert stage. The dance company will return to the Sziget Festival this year, where BREATHE! can be seen by the audience.

Speaking of festivals, this summer cannot be missed either by the company as the part of the special Szeged Open Air Festival program, where this year’s Walt Disney show will debut, „The hunchback of Notre Dame” choreographed by Éva Duda.

Here comes the summer!


16. May. 20:00, Trafó Contemporary Arts House

co-production with the Budapest Operett Theater
30-31. May 19:30, Átrium Theater

part of VIRTUS
Brain Bar Budapest
1. June Akvárium Club

20. June. 21:30, XIII. Hungarian Dance Festival, Győr

29. June – 9 July, Budapest

15. August. 17:00, Sziget Festival

11-12-13, 18-19-20 August, Szeged Open-Air Festival